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Bill 3: An Overview of Quebec's New Framework for Health and Social Services Information

The Bill on Health and Social Services Information and Amending Various Legislative Provisions (“Bill 3”) is a significant step towards creating a more streamlined and efficient system for healthcare professionals to access and share patient information while ensuring the protection of individuals' personal health information.

The new legislation aims to establish a precise legal framework for health and social services

information, all within a single law, which will make it easier for healthcare professionals to navigate the complex web of laws currently governing this information. This will also ensure that the information is "linked to the patient" rather than to the place where the care was provided.

It is interesting to note that Bill 3 was introduced by Eric Caire, the Minister of Cybersecurity and Digital Affairs, rather than the Minister of Health, which shows the growing importance of digital and cybersecurity issues in the healthcare sector.

This Bill defines health information quite precisely, including any information that allows the

identification of a person and that relates to the person's physical or mental health, medical or family history, evaluation or treatment, and the nature of health or social services provided. It also includes information obtained in the exercise of a function provided for by the Public Health Act or any other information determined by government regulation.

Importantly, Bill 3 also clarifies that information collected for human resource management

purposes regarding personnel of health and social services organizations or professionals who practice their profession there, including students or trainees, is not health and social services information.

This Bill applies to a wide range of organizations that hold health and social services information, including those that provide care, the Ministry of Health and Social Services, daycare or childcare services, private seniors' residences, and residential and long-term care centers. This broad definition ensures that all organizations in the health and social services sector that hold this information are subject to the same regulations.

Bill 3 proposes improved communication and sharing of health information among healthcare professionals. This is expected to enable timely and effective care provision, which could lead to better health outcomes for patients.

Additionally, the Bill includes measures to protect personal health information by regulating its collection and use. This is crucial in maintaining patient trust in the healthcare system and

safeguarding their privacy and confidentiality.

It's worth noting that organizations in the health and social services sector may need legal

assistance to navigate the complex regulations set out in this Bill.

Prudence AI is well-equipped to assist organizations in understanding and complying with this new legal framework.

For more information or to discuss a particular matter, please contact us.

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