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Consultant & Speaker in artificial intelligence and Ethics

Mrs Pernelle is a consultant and speaker. She works on multiple projects
around the integration and the acceptability of AI. She is also a mentor for
Techstars AI and FounderFuel.
After 10 years of consulting for Dassault Systemes, Mrs Pernelle joined the
IVADO team in 2017 and, as Director of Industry-Research Partnerships, she
helped many companies highlight their data and position their human potential
in the foreground while connecting with the innovative world of research.
In October 2018, she worked for Montréal International to facilitate the
creation of a worldwide organization whose role is to define a normative
framework for artificial intelligence projects based on the ethical principles of
the Montreal Declaration for Responsible Development of Artificial
Her past clients include the top 3 aeronautics companies, AI industry leaders
and governments.
She has been nominated in 2018 and 2019 in the top 30 Influential Women
Advancing AI in Montreal by RE-Work.

Caroline Pernelle: News and Updates
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